Colored Organizing Stacking Bins - Set of 6 Durable Paper Basket, 13 x 9.75 x 3 Inches Paper Storage Bins - Used as Classroom Storage Tray for Teachers and Students, Office Table Organizer

ORGANIZE AND ARRANGE – SAVE TIME AND AVOID HUSTLE <br> <br> Time is money, isn’t it? So why not sort out your books, papers, copies, or notes in a more organized a disciplined way rather than spending hours in finding out the document from that huge bulk of school or office supplies? To have this job done swiftly and for a quicker approach to your belongings, Podzly has brought you these incredibly useful organizing rectangular slotted plastic baskets which can hold your items in different colors of paper bin to help you differentiate between your stuff placed in them. <br> <br> LONG LASTING COMPANION FOR YOUR PAPERS AND CRAFTS <br> <br> Let your papers and crafts feel safe in these generous sized long lasting paper bins for classroom and office, made with premium quality non-toxic plastic containing vibrant colors. So let these perforated paper trays take the job of containing your items and keep them organized to save huge amount of time for you! <br> <br> WANT TO HAVE ONE FOR YOURSELF? LET’S HAVE A QUICK OVERVIEW <br> <br> -Organize your copies, papers, and books perfectly <br> -Generous size of 13 x 9.75 x 3 inches <br> -Durable, long lasting, and sturdy material <br> -Portable design with smooth handles <br> -Wide application – for teachers, kids, students or for your office supplies <br> -Satisfaction guaranteed <br> <br> So, what are you waiting for when your time saving product is just a couple of clicks away!!

Key Features

* ORGANIZE AND ARRANGE : Organizing things properly may save you a lot of time along with reflecting professionalism in office or school! So let these colorful baskets organize and manage books and notes for you to have easy and quicker approach to your items

* WIDE APPLICATION : Are you a teacher looking for creative ideas to arrange papers OR educational and learning activities for your kids or students? or you might be concerned with managing copies of office work, right? Our colorful bins are here to aid you!

* ERGONOMIC AND PORTABLE DESIGN : Podzly’s stack-able plastic basket features handles with smooth edges allowing easy and comfortable grip and also, our basket for papers is sleekly designed containing small square holes pattern for nice and tidy appearance

* SIZE AND MATERIAL : Made of superior quality durable plastic, these portable 13 x 9.75 x 3 inches colorful paper baskets easily fit into drawers, shelves and desktops in classroom and offices and organize your stuff with perfection

* SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : Podzly is committed to helping you in categorizing your stuff with the help of different colors of baskets, along with maintaining highest quality standards of non-toxic and durable plastic to accompany you for a long time!