3 Pack Mini Donkey pinatas - Mexican Pinatas for Cinco de Mayo Decorations, Fiestas or Mexican themed Events

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This 3 pack of colorful mini pinatas will make any Cinco de Mayo or Mexican themed party feel more festive. Made of cardboard and brightly colored tissue paper, these Mexican party decorations work great to string up or to use as a center piece at your next fiesta. Guests will love to take home their own reminder of Mexico with these Mini Donkey Pinatas

  • Sold in packs of 3 these colorful mini pinatas measure 4"x7"x2" and are made of cardboard and tissue paper
  • Use these for your next Mexican-themed party celebration. Great to use as Cinco de Mayo or fiesta decoration. String up by the attached loop or place in the center of the table
  • A festive Cinco de Mayo or birthday party centerpiece
  • Adults and children alike will enjoy taking one home as a simple fiesta party favor.