144 Tooth Saver Necklaces - Tooth Fairy Baby Tooth Holder- Child Tooth Keepsake Holder

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These keepsake tooth necklaces give kids a fun and easy way to save and take their teeth home when they loose a tooth at school. The tooth saver is the perfect staple for any school nurse or school secretary office. Each tooth charm measures 3/4" and comes on a 20" plastic string. Its the perfect size to keep that 1st lost tooth. Children (and the tooth fairy) will love being able to have a safe place to store their tooth for the tooth fairy to find. Dentists can give these away as a prize after a healthy check-up. Gives parents and children a fun and easy way to store all those lost baby teeth

  • Each Unit comes with 144 3/4" tooth charms on a 20" necklace.
  • These are perfect for any school secretary or school nurse to give to your child take home
  • Dentists can give these as prizes to their little patients after a healthy check-up
  • Perfect storage container for a lost tooth. Makes it easy for the tooth fairy to find.
  • Use as a keepsake container for your child's 1st lost tooth